My name is Safia Delta

I’m a writer and visual artist relying on the photographic medium and hybrid techniques involving digital manipulations and painting. 

My work partly centres on the links between space as an element structuring identity,  the way our mind absorbs an environment and how images eventually influence and support the process of recollecting. 

Started in 2015 using a point and shoot 35mm camera, ‘Memory’ explores the mirroring abilities of photographs, their subconscious dimensions and their utilitarian aspects in the building of an inner landscape. You won’t get a sense of strong pictures as my intention is to create a mute, visual autobiography that forms throughout the years an ever changing puzzle of life fragments. 

In 2017,  after an introspective process, I started questioning my relationship to colonial and post colonial aspects of the French history through my family story. This resulted in the series entitled ‘My mother is a stranger (And I love her)’ - a body of work first introduced at Photoforum Pasquart, Biel, Switerzland in the collective exhibition ‘Narratives from Algeria’ curated by Danaé Panchaud and Abdo Shanan. 

Click on the picture to view work. 

Views of the exhibition @Photoforum Pasquart

Link to the museum and introduction to the exhibition. 

Press articles about ‘Narratives from Algeria’.

I’m also a writer and the curator of our blog. 

Intérieur-sur  is a series of articles at the crossroads of painting and photography showcasing works that influence and inspire me. 

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