Charleroi in Wallonia.

Some artists call it "Carolofornia", in reference to the
Wallifornia, a mythical territory designating a Belgian geo-political-economic zone located in the Walloon region. The city of Charleroi has a heavy legacy.

Once known for its coal mines and industries, it is now famous in Belgium for its sordid news, its unemployment rate and its "barakis" (inhabitants of the working class districts). Nicknamed "Chicago on Sambre" in the 1990s for its high crime rate, Charleroi was named the ugliest city in the world by a Dutch newspaper ten years ago...

However, the municipality does not hesitate to compare it to large American cities such as Detroit or Los Angeles.

How can this Walloon city, which Mayor Paul Magnette calls "an American city in its urban configuration, in its culture, in its openness of mind, in its multiculturalism", convey the imagination of the American dream ?

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