Conversation between Jerome Lorieau and Julien Legrand.
On a trip to Canaries Islands Julien Legrand explored both the volcanic environment and tourism in Lanzarote Island.

Jerome Lorieau – Were you expecting a lunar landscape (more like the planet Mars actually) in Lanzarote in the Canaries Islands?

Julien Legrand – Actually yes, when I booked my trip, I was looking for a location not too far away, but very different from what we can see in Europe. I’ve been fascinated by volcanoes for some time, since I visited Reunion Island and its famous caldera some years ago. I wanted to have the same kind of experience and to shoot people in this original landscape.

Jerome – What is the geographical history about this place? Is the landscape coming from ancient volcanoes?

Julien – Yes, following a very active volcanism in the 18th and 19th centuries, the island is almost entirely covered with lava, that what makes it looks like a “Martian” landscape.

Jerome – The landscape seems to be empty but at the same time it seems to attract thousands of tourism. What make it attractive to mass tourism?

Julien – For European people, it’s a rather cheap and close “exotic” location. The weather is almost always good, the landscape is well conserved and relaxing, and there are beaches and world-class windsurfing spots.

Jerome – What is your attraction about volcanoes?

Julien – I’m fascinated about them because they are beautiful, huge and uncontrollable, you cannot do anything against them, they will always be stronger. They impose some respect.

Jerome – Are you planning to go back and shoot again these places? It might be worthy. Personally I see here the beginning of a wider project about volcanoes environment. Considering that you have a fascination for it, you may want to start thinking about it. Sometimes it is good to listen and follow natural feeling. No?

Julien – You’re right, I have it in mind, but I have other things in mind too… I’m not sure I can do more photos there without being repetitive.

Jerome – Why do you think you would be repetitive? I am sure you would not. You could get more photos helping you to deliver your message and improve you project. I like the idea to go back to places, to be push to make stronger work and to look at things deeper and differently. Sometimes it helps you to involve more in your project and discover stories / angles regarding one subject. Saying that have you started to find out about other volcano places you would like to travel?

Julien – Time will tell… I think Lanzarote is unique for having such landscapes and many people at the same time. For now, I didn’t start to think about other places where I can find volcanoes and people. If I wanted to add photos to my series, I think it would be better to go back to Lanzarote because now I know where to go.

Jerome – I am also quite looking forward to the other things you have in mind. I am sure it is going to be good. Let’s keep it secret to be surprised.

Julien – One clue, it’s going to be in Asia, far East. 😉

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