By Fabio Costa

Where ?

On Paulista Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil.

When ?

On August 23rd 2019. It was a Friday afternoon. People were protesting against Bolsonaro’s policy regarding the increasing number of destructing fires in the Amazon forest.

According to the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), the fires in Brazil increased by 82% compared to 2018, if we compare the same period from January to August 2019. This is the highest rate ever recorded in 7 years in the country.

Why ?

I’ve been to Brazil to visit my parents and friends and my stay happened during the week of our « apocalypse ».

One day São Paulo was in complete darkness like a night during the day, all that because the rainforest was on fire. A lot of members of my family and friends voted for Bolsonaro and agree with his politics. On this particular day, I’ve had surgery, so I wasn’t allowed to walk a lot or make efforts but for me it was necessary to see other people who shared my mindset so I’ve been the demonstration.

This picture was taken in the middle of the protest, with some businessmen looking down at us from the buildings.

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