by Cedric Roux

Where ?

NY, Midtown. 42nd street & 6th avenue.

Midtown NY, is my favorite place to do street photography

When ?

Last September, at lunch time

Why ?

I was on Whole Foods’ 1st floor, in the lunch area. I love this place because you can have something to eat inside with a view on Bryant Park and 6th Avenue and feel the energy of the city.

I was finishing my meal when I saw a mother with her three sons wearing the same clothes.

I got my camera out in a hurry, cleared the table and ran out to the street.

Once on the sidewalk I saw them a few meters away, waiting to cross the street heading for Avenue of the Americas.

I was already thinking to find the perfect spot for the best shot I could take but just after crossing 42nd street, they walked to a lift to take the subway.

Determined to have a shot, I followed them very closely and began to take pictures. Only the kid in the stroller was staring at me. I decided to stay very close, without moving, hoping for another eye contact or interesting move.

Suddenly, one of the twins looked at me. I pressed the shutter instantly and left the place right after.

Here it was, I had the picture.

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